LISTEN TO GIRL (Photo by Signe Luksengard)


Listen to Girl (previously known as Girl) is the combination of guitarist, singer and primus motor Christian Winther together with multi-instrumentalist and singer Ina Sagstuen. With alluring songwriting, an innovative mindset, driving guitar and their two voices melting together or drifting off on their own, their refreshing output show traces of influence by experimenting artists such as Yo La Tengo, Gal Costa, Jenny Hval and Beck.

Debut album “Sea And Dirt” came out in 2016, and got picked up by Susanna Wallumrød, one of Norway’s most distinctive artists, and released as a special vinyl edition on her SusannaSonata label. She wrote: “Catchy and unique, it is an art to write such songs. … an experience of both something familiar and yet undiscovered.” Line Of Best Fit put it this way: “Sounding out of step and out of time from many of the Nordic guitar and pop scenes, it’s this uniqueness which makes them such a refreshing act”.


MONKEY PLOT (Photo by Christian Strand)


On their third album Here I Sit, Knowing All Of This, Oslo based Monkey Plot puts the electric plug back in their guitars after working with a pure acoustic sound on their previous releases. As part of the well renowned Norwegian alternative jazz label Hubro, their instrumental music has often been compared to post rock and indie acts such as Gastr Del Sol, Tortoise and Sonic Youth, but as during the acoustic years, the music of Monkey Plot still contains strong characteristics and evokes an impression of intimacy. Monkey Plot continues to cross genres, capture and challenge the listener, yet their music is always modestly catchy and uncomplicated.

The band has toured extensively in Europe, Japan and South American in the last years and was in 2014 awarded the title “Young Norwegian Jazz Musicians of the Year”.

Christian Winther – guitars
Magnus Skavhaug Nergaard – bass
Jan Martin Gismervik – drums


TORG (Photo by Jenny Berger Myhre)


Featuring some of the most significant talents on the Norwegian music scene, the band is back with the album “Palms, Beaches, Dreams”.

Like diving into a forest of strange symbols which gaze back at you with fond familiar eyes; this music is shaped by an intuitive band that guides Lindvall’s song fragments wherever they wish. Elements of pop and jazz are mixed with abstract sounds and danceable rhythms – it may bring to mind Herbie Hancock’s Head Hunters who succeeded mixing avant garde with popular music of its era. Palms, Beaches, Dreams is catchy and melodic, innovative and original. Band members are also known thriving in the alternative pop scene (Broen, Listen to Girl), on jazz labels ECM and Hubro (Mette Henriette, Monkey Plot, Skadedyr), in noise and free improv (Propan, Oker, Ich Bin N!ntendo). This album is a solid result from the genre-breaking explorations done by this young Norwegian music scene.

Johan Lindvall – synth, piano
Ina Sagstuen – vocals
Christian Skår Winther – electric guitar
Torstein Lavik Larsen – trumpet, synth
Adrian Fiskum Myhr – electric bass
Magnus Skavhaug Nergaard – electric bass, electronics
Anja Lauvdal – synth
Heiða Karine Jóhannesdóttir Mobeck – tuba, electronics
Jan Martin Gismervik – drums


ICH BIN N!NTENDO (Photo by Greg Pope)


«They’re announcing it on their Facebook page: the new album by the Norwegian band Ich Bin Nintendo is different from everything they’ve done until quite recently. How’s that? Well, instead of the devastating noise music played by Christian Skår Winther, Magnus Skavhaug Nergaard and Joakim Heibø Johansen since their first recording in 2012, with the particularity to include as guest the “free the jazz” saxophonist Mats Gustafsson, what now dominates is post punk. Yes, in certain moments there’s a structural collapse, because of an ever-present experimental compulsion, but that’s it: they embraced a form. In the place of the explosive jamming they used to prefer, now we have songs. The improvising process remains the same, but the song format is new. It’s not a surprise that these guys played in an event called Death Jazz. If such a musical tendency really exists, this is it. What also survives is the energy. And with other kind of discharge: after four years of work, the group is happy about not having been sued by the videogames corporation Nintendo. The theft of the name remained unpunished, and that’s great, because it defines the cultural context in which the project was born and belongs to. Even when the beat gets a little bit lighter, all the tracks of this record are excessive and crazy. We only want to jump and scream, not of rage, but because of the good vibes always emanating. This is not anymore a power trio, combining the classical line-up of a guitar, a bass and a drumset. That’s for kids, people. What we find here is something else, and gigantic.» – Shhpuma 

Christian Winther – guitar, vocals
Magnus Skavhaug Nergaard – bass
Joakim Heibø Johansen – drums


EARTHLY HABIT (Drawing by Christian Dugstad)


Earthly Habit is a record label and creative collective based in Oslo. Founded by Christian Skår Winther with members from Torg and Monkey Plot in 2017, it aims to represent certain undercurrents in the Norwegian music scene with bands and people creating musical art beyond traditional genres.

Every generation brings microcosmoses of creative environments that labels and represents their own ideas and views to the world. Inspired by history and future, this is the contribution of a small but strong Norwegian scene holding international ambitions.

Musicians and artists involved are Christian Skår Winther, Johan Lindvall, Ina Sagstuen, Magnus Skavhaug Nergaard, Adrian Fiskum Myhr, Jan Martin Gismervik, Torstein Lavik Larsen, Anja Lauvdal, Heiða Karine Jóhannesdóttir Mobeck, Natali Abrahamsen Garner and Christian Dugstad.