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Selected lyrics

Earthly Habit

She says: blueprints of earthly habit, no more than a glass miniature
on the real floor, where masked beings spin
She continues: I’m tired of those rituals, without even to kill us

they don’t attract me anymore so I won’t follow
… I know where it’s situated, yes
but not even Bloodstones or Cat’s Eyes
while luring with unseen colors, words covering their faces
not even secret videos in forbidden stocks

I’ve met them, you have too, things randomly tossed at us
but your consciousness categorized it like something earthly
words covering their faces
but your windows are giving them wrong colors
and your speed giving them wrong shapes


Released in 2016 on Sea And Dirt (SusannaSonata/Vilje)
Lyrics by Christian Skår Winther


Violet sky, unrecognized
They’ll get hit
Asked for it
Barcode Show don’t reflect well with your colour

Echoed steps
My feet reached purple flood

Emerald piece
Thought from future

Purple pressure, flood the curves
Sink this turning, of the wake-up
Alive and day, we eat anything
but what if, it stopped now

And then the world, found itself here again
Each block new, after we completed ourselves

Emerald Piece
My feet reached shore
Purple floor

Animals injecting themselves
None to rule, they must believe in reincarnation

Floating washed heads, crawled back ashore
In wild violet

Imagination alone, remembered everything
The slippery, metamorphosis succeeding

Gained new routes to frolic on
Purple ground


Released in 2016 as the bonus track on the Sea And Dirt LP (SusannaSonata)
Lyrics by Christian Skår Winther

Tired Eyes a Moon

looked like rain
a heads up
of whats going on
I took myself here
no-one ever thought
of its disguise

worked its way in
the silver stream
caused two suns
trapped in
elevator theme 

it’s time

in my way came their games
who’s to blame?

eye lids taped
the distance scanned
candy drawn from
the earthful truth
charmed by blaze distractions
you’re over yourself
with no direction
your image of fear
it’s only from your tired eyes  

tired eyes

in my way came their games
who’s to blame?
drags the sea with their mind
who’s to blame?
meets the eye
two suns to remember

listen to the water thats pouring in
shakes the roof my hands are both shivering
I admit I altered it for my win 

my tired eyes a moon!

Released in 2019 on Listen to Girl – Long-term World (Earthly Habit)
Lyrics by Christian Skår Winther

Big Things

placing ourselves
on top of the town
show them a picture
of our best efforts yet
we could go off anytime
looking fast

I take the sun in when the moon is pushing it away
burdened by slow motions,
shells pulling me towards their small ponds
attention shifts for the blurry back next to the breakwater

world zooms out
distance grows,
and I’m out of view

show them a picture
of our best efforts yet
we’re trying to get going, do the big things,
the faster we could learn you said..
«she speaks the truth now»
cause of that dress

dreams are turned on
then blown out
broken into your heart

machines creep up on my sides
in the darkness
my arms tired
water in front of me
running with no fire
how did I end up in here
my fear of never getting there

I’ll swim with you
I’ll be with you
and I’m scared
of you

I wanted to be clear
but abstracted minds they grow inside with all the ghosts, the fear, ideas,
the innovation dream

world zooms out and goes away

Released in 2019 on Listen to Girl – Long-term World (Earthly Habit)
Lyrics by Christian Skår Winther


watch us go
sticky souls
intuition snowballs

fertile youth
melting ice
and web life
addictive life

already shaking
tries to create things

dozing of on the
dry dead ground
of the winters glossy
negative vibe

lurs it out
the world thinks
the wind smell
down your neck
and hides

makes us loose control

how things are standing
time to be handled
balancing status ground

already introduced
to the illusive realities
of change

we try not to care
that sleep comes to shove the
laziness in our eyes 

Released in 2019 on Listen to Girl – Long-term World  (Earthly Habit)
Lyrics by Christian Skår Winther

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