Christian Winther has been making his mark as a guitarist and vocalist on several records for a decade now, so in some ways The Clearing is no debut. Based in Oslo, he is known either through the experimental trios Monkey Plot and Ich Bin N!ntendo, the jazz collective Torg and the alternative pop duo Listen to Girl. Though very varied in style, it is clear that Winther is drawn to the almost “al dente” form of music – the beauty that lies within the shaping of the idea, the sort of pre-idea. He is one of Norways clearest examples of an anti-guitarist, as he sort of rejects the many clammy expectations that come with the instrument. This is something often found both in the alternative rock-scene and improv-scene, but with Winther the contrary is connected with a genuine desire to find the beautiful moment, the shimmering harmony. Although noise and experimentation is part of the picture, the influence of Brazilian music or the way the guitar somehow found a new melodic balance in the 90s Chicago scene, seems just as strong. Contrasts find a harmony here, especially when tied with Winther’s long-term musical friends Magnus Skavhaug Nergaard (bass), Anja Lauvdal (keys), Hans Hulbækmo (drums) – all notable performers on the Scandinavian exploratory music scene in bands like Broen, Årabrot, Atomic and Jenny Hval – and their direct and intuitive style of playing, not to mention Winther’s voice. Beautifully direct, his voice sounds equally sincere and unpolished.


Christian Winther – The Clearing (Fysisk Format 2021, LP/Digital)

In bands/other projects:

Trondheim Jazz Orchestra & Johan Lindvall – Om Du Reser Mycket (MNJ 2021 – CD/Digital)
Torg – Vår (Earthly Habit 2020, EP/Digital)
Listen to Girl – Long-term World (Earthly Habit 2019, LP/digital)
Torg – Palms, Beaches, Dreams (Earthly Habit 2019, LP/Digital)
Trondheim Jazz Orchestra & Skrap – Antropocen (Fanfare 2017 – LP/Digital)
Monkey Plot – Here I Sit, Knowing All of This (Hubro 2016, LP/digital)
Listen to Girl – Sea And Dirt (SusannaSonata/Vilje 2016, LP/digital)
Ich Bin N!ntendo – Lykke (Shhpuma 2016, LP/CD/Digital)
Karokh – Needle, Thread and Nailpolish (No Forevers 2016, LP/digital)
Monkey Plot – Angående Omstendigheter Som Ikke Lar Seg Nedtegne (Hubro 2015, LP/CD/digital)
Torg – Kost/Elak/Gnäld (Jazzland Recordings 2015, CD/Digital)
Ich Bin N!ntendo – Look (Vafongool 2014, LP/CD/digital)
Mummu – En Verden I Forandring (Vafongool 2014, 7″ vinyl)
Karokh – Karokh (Loyal Label 2014, LP/CD/digital)
Christian Winther / Christian Meaas Svendsen – W/M (Vafongool 2013, CD/digital)
Mummu – Mitt Ferieparadis (Vafongool 2013, 7″ vinyl)
Monkey Plot – Løv Og Lette Vimpler (Gigafon 2013, LP/CD/digital)
Ich Bin N!ntendo & Mats Gustafsson (Vafongool 2012, LP/CD/digital)



photo: Jenny Berger Myhre